SmokePurpp Talks \’Audi\’: \’I Kind Of Spoke It Into Existence\’

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\”Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.\” A guy named Napoleon Hill wrote that quote almost a hundred years ago in the 1937 book Think and Grow Rich. The world today doesn\’t have that much in common with that era — back then, the average salary was less than two grand a year, rent was $26 a month, and gas was ten cents a gallon.

But the power of positive thinking has always been that took a select few from rags to riches, or at least from obscurity to fame. And that was the case with Smokepurpp and his hit \”Audi.\” The singer/rapper/producer, who was born Omar Jeffery Pineiro, told us about that song and a few of his other hits.

Talk about how \”Audi.\” changed affected your path, your journey.

\”Audi.,\” that\’s the song that changed my life. I had this song in my phone, and in my catalog for over a year… I was never even planning on dropping it. It was just like other songs. And yeah, when I signed my deal, that was literally the first single we put out.

Sometimes, if you have the right line in a song, it really hits. Like some Beyoncé songs have, like, \”I woke up like this,\” and everyone says \”I woke up like this.\” She sings \”You got to put a ring on it\” and everyone says that. And your line, \”I don\’t want friends. I want Audis.\”

Exactly. It\’s probably something that [anybody can relate to that, you know?

Has it come more true now, more than it was at the time that you wrote the song? Now you could actually afford Audis. 

Of course. At the time, I couldn\’t. I couldn\’t afford it. I feel like I kind of just spoke it into existence. You know, I think manifestation is real.

Check out the rest of the interview below.

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