Mooski Went From The Marines To \’Track Star\’

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Mooski is one of hip-hop and R&B\’s most exciting new acts. After finishing serving four years in the Marines, he began focusing on his music career. And with \”Track Star\” — a song about a woman who won\’t commit to a relationship — it looks like he\’s on his way to stardom.

\”Track Star\” is a huge hit – talk about how you wrote it.

So I just got out of the Marine Corps and it had been like a few months. This was at the top top of 2020. I had just worked a 12-hour shift at my job, I was on my way back home. I was listening to instrumental (tracks) and stuff. My whole setup was: work Monday to Friday and then on Saturday and Sunday, I\’m in the studio, so I\’m just trying to catch a vibe. So, I found this instrumental and I just lock into it, man.

So, I\’m driving and the vibe is just coming to me, I don\’t even want to write anything down. I was just vibing and recording it on my Snapchat, trying to write the song.

So what were you going through? I\’m guessing that you were going through it with somebody at that time to be inspired to write these lyrics of somebody who just can\’t commit. You make the metaphor. She\’s like a track star. She just takes off.

Yeah, yeah, for sure. You know what I\’m saying? It\’s just something is definitely pulled from a real place. You know, it is something that I\’ve been through before or something I\’ve seen before. You know what I mean? So I just really wanted to really want it to be transparent, completely transparent and swallow all pride and just put everything out there so people can really connect to it. I want this song to be like one of those things that clicked because it is things that you say in your head that you never really let come out of your mouth. And so it really connected with everyone.

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