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Pierre Robert Celebrates 40 years On The Air at Beasley Media Group’s 93.3 WMMR-FM

Beasley Media Group’s 93.3 WMMR proudly announces the 40th Anniversary of legendary Philadelphia Rock n’ Roll DJ, PIERRE ROBERT! The station will host a monthlong celebration of highlights commemorating local radio’s iconic moments broadcast by a most unique, warm, and recognizable personality.

Pierre’s career at WMMR includes 40 continuous years live and local, including his beginnings on overnights, short-lived, mid-90s venture into AM Drive as well as his current market-leading position on the air middays in Philadelphia.

The award-winning radio host began his journey aboard his trusty microbus, Minerva, when he left his hometown of San Francisco in 1981 to look for a radio home in the City of Brotherly Love. Upon his arrival, there was a natural fit with \’MMR, the progressive Rock N Roll radio station located on Rittenhouse Square in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia.

The Philly area listening audience has enjoyed 40 years of Pierre’s musical passion and positive outlook, with his diverse appreciation for all things rock \’n roll including a vast knowledge of the music they all love.

Pierre is best known for his interview style, creating an inviting environment for Rock’s biggest names to enjoy a genuine conversation about their craft and experience. His concert coverage and his ‘Roaming Rock Microphone’ have become staples of the city’s concert scene- interviewing fans and artists, sharing that audio from arenas and clubs that no other personality has had the ability and passion to produce.

“To quote a little band from San Francisco, ‘What a long, strange trip it’s been’… to which I would add wonderful and absolutely magical,” said Robert. “A thousand thanks to this radio station, its’ staff through the years, and most importantly our amazing loyal listeners, who have allowed me to continue the journey!”

“I\’ve never worked with a more beloved air talent,” said Beasley Media Group Vice President of Talent Development and WMMR-FM Program Director Bill Weston. “Go to a concert with Pierre Robert you\’ll never make it around the concourse as he is stopped every 7 feet by an otherwise perfect stranger shouting, ‘Hey Pierre!’ typically followed by smiles, conversation, and a selfie- only to be repeated steps away.  It says something about him that his fans are unafraid of dismissal or rejection, trusting he\’s the same man they love listening to each day on WMMR.  He is a gift to our city.”

Photo Caption: WMMR’s Pierre Robert setting the stage for complete concert coverage of WMMR’s 50th Birthday Concert starring Bon Jovi, May 3, 2018 inside Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA.

Photo Credit : BP Miller/Chorus Photography

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