Better Than Ezra: The Tragedy That Inspired \’In The Blood\’

\”In The Blood\” came on the heels of your first hit, \”Good.\” It seemed like \”In The Blood\” was also on the radio every hour on the hour. So talk about that song and the line, \”Who did you love before? Who did they love before you?\” 

There\’s some interesting things about that song. If you listen to I was completely inspired lyrically, melodically by a Catherine Wheel song called \”Black Metallic.\” That was their big song. Listen to \”Black Metallic\” and you can hear  where I got part of the melody. I\’ve said that to people before, and they go, \”I don\’t hear it.\” I say, \”Well, I do.\” I was definitely inspired by that song melodically.

But the lyrics… I usually don\’t tell people where my head was, but my girlfriend at the time, her uncle had had AIDS and he was in the last stage of battling AIDS. He passed away in \’96. It was really about AIDS and it was literally about: what\’s in your blood? Do you really know the person you\’re with and who did they love before you and who did they love before them? And it was really just a very literal lyric to me. It was really about her uncle Patrick, who was an amazing guy. He was an editor for The Advocate. He lived in West Hollywood and he was still somewhat healthy. But dealing with it was a tough time. But that\’s what the lyrics are about. So it really wasn\’t about a relationship. It was really about this man. I rarely told people about that because it\’s kind of heavy.

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