Beasley Media Group Adds Comic Book Gurus To The bPod Studios Platform

Naples, Florida (12/12/18): Beasley Media Group is pleased to add the Comic Book Gurus podcast to the bPod Studios platform. 

Produced by WMMR-FM Morning Personality Steve Morrison and WMMR-FM Assistant Program Director/ BEN-FM Program Director Chuck Damico, the Comic Book Gurus podcast is hosted by Craig Liggeons and Rob Templeton, along with many of their super-geek friends. The duo’s weekly roundtable touches on everything ranging from superheroes, including comics, movies, TV shows, events and much more!

Craig Liggeons is a creative type who has hosted many events in and around the Philadelphia market, including his own one-man show called “My Life In 19 Inches” about how television shows of his youth helped inform the man he is today. 

Rob Templeton is a member of WMMR-FM’s “MM-Army” promotional team who is also extremely well versed in the comic genre.  

 “Our Marvel and DC-centric movie screenings at WMMR-FM have religiously been attended by two people…all the time…without exception –  Craig Liggeons and Rob Templeton,” said Morrison. “It became clear that to us that when it comes to true, built-into-the-DNA love of comic books, these two represented a level of fandom quite literally off the charts. I realized the time had come to unleash their encyclopedic knowledge on the Universe and the concept of \”The Comic Book Gurus\” podcast was born!”

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