WMMR-FM Morning Personalities Preston & Steve Present March Sadness Competition

Beasley Media Group announces WMMR-FM Morning Personalities Preston & Steve officially ended the worldwide sports drought with March Sadness: a social distancing safe free throw competition played over FaceTime!

\"\"The competition took place on Wednesday, March 18th via a multi-person FaceTime call with contestants from Morning Show Video Producer Nick Murphy’s MacBook to an iPad that Preston and Steve could see and hear in the studio. Participants were positioned near their basketball hoops as a family member or co-worker held the phone while the contestants took their shots.

“The audio was crystal clear,” said Murphy. “All four players used AirPods to hear and speak directly to Preston & Steve. I hooked my MacBook up to a video switcher, patched FaceTime through that and broadcast the stream via an OBS program to our Facebook page. In addition, we created a graphic saying “Preston and Steve would be right back” to put up between each round was each contestant changed.”

One participant, who called in from Phoenix where the sun had not quite risen yet, pulled his cars into the driveway and pointed the headlights at the net as he attempted to hit free throws! Another contestant, who is a principal at a local school, unlocked the empty gym where he works and made his way into the final round.

In the end, it was Anthony, live from his New Jersey home, who locked in the Preston and Steve March Sadness Championship! “I had a great time today in the B-Ball Tournament,” said Anthony. “In light of everything that is going on in the world right now, it was really great to laugh and participate in the event. I love the station! You guys are the best! Good luck and stay healthy.”

Website: https://wmmr.com/2020/03/17/mmrs-march-sadness-enter-here/

Short video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0xaakfkzn0lwkka/031820%20-%20march%20sadness.mp4?dl=0 

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