Pebbles, Ramiro and Melissa

Ramiro, Pebbles & Melissa Celebrate 20th Anniversary Working On the Air Together Mornings in Boston

Beasley Media Group Congratulates Ramiro, Pebbles and Melissa who will celebrate their 20th anniversary working together on the air mornings in Boston on Friday, October 29th. The trio will relive their memories from the past 20 years with all their listeners from 6am – 10am! They all began together back on October 29th, 2001.

“20 years ago, when I started doing the show with Pebbles and Melissa, I felt like we had something special even though I had never done a morning show before,” said Ramiro. “To be able to still do this two decades later with the same girls and our amazing listeners in my hometown is a blessing. Thank you for making us part of your morning routine!”

“Wow, 20 years! My first thought is that I can’t believe I’ve been getting up at 4am for that long,” said Pebbles. “Seriously though, it has been the adventure of a lifetime with Ramiro and Melissa. We’ve been through so much together both on-air and off, have seen each other through tough times, celebrated the good times, and I’m so grateful for it all.” 

“I can’t imagine my life without Ramiro terrorizing me daily and Pebbles trying to keep me out of trouble,” said Melissa. “20 years is longer than most relationships, and I’m glad I’ve been able to spend the majority of my career with two of the most professional and inspiring people I know.”

“Ramiro, Pebbles and Melissa have spent 20 years together waking up Bostonians and helping them start their day with laughter and fun,” said Beasley Media Group Boston Vice President and Market Manager Mary Menna. “This is an incredible accomplishment and true testament to their friendship, talent, and deep relationships with listeners. Congratulations to Ramiro, Pebbles and Melissa for two decades of success!”

“From their first show together 20 years ago, Ramiro, Pebbles and Melissa have been developing and deepening their bond with the audience and each other on a daily basis,” said Cadillac Jack, Beasley Media Group Vice President of Strategy & Analytics and Director of Boston Programming. “I’m so proud of their success and commitment to growth over the years, and thankful to see that trajectory continue well into the future at HOT 96.9!”

L-R: Pebbles, Ramiro and Melissa

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