Pierre Robert WMMR

Pierre Robert Renews Deal with Beasley Media Group’s WMMR-FM in Philadelphia

Beasley Media Group announces legendary 93.3 WMMR-FM Radio Personality Pierre Robert has signed a multi-year extension hosting middays in Philadelphia, allowing for a truly special relationship between Pierre and his multitude of fans to continue for years to come.

The radio icon is one of the most recognized personalities in the City of Philadelphia. Pierre joined the rock station back in 1981 and has been hosting the midday show with his unabashed love for music, his listeners, and the city.  

The legendary rock radio personality is best known for his welcoming ‘Greetings Citizens’ salutation, along with his big heart and warm voice! Pierre encompasses everything that rocks – the new and familiar, rock and alternative, punk and singer-songwriter… whether presenting in the air studio, on-stage, or unearthing treasures in the MMaRchives. 

His daily features, including Noontime Workforce BlocksPierre’s Vinyl Cut, exclusive artist interviews, live in-studio performances and “On This Day” history lessons are fully enjoyed by a large and dedicated audience.

Pierre’s encyclopedic music knowledge adds new insight to a classic rock track as well as context to a baby band’s latest release. His interviews are masterful.  Artists trust him and provide him with unheard of access – from the Struts to the Stones, Bono and Robert Plant, to Lizzie Hale, Joan Jett, Green Day and… most recently even the legendary Dolly Parton!

In addition, Pierre’s generosity is unparalleled- giving his time every year to attend and host the Aids Walk, on-air support of Manna’s Pie in the Sky fundraiser, plus active and genuine support of all charitable initiatives of WMMR. 

One of the city’s most recognizable celebrities, Pierre is at the center of its live music scene, greeting his legions of fans as if personal friends in the smallest clubs and largest stadiums. His star is included on the Philadelphia Music Alliance Walk of Fame.

“Pierre has been a huge part of the fabric of both WMMR and the Philadelphia market for over 40 years,” said Vice President and Market Manager, Joe Bell “It’s exciting to see this continue!”

“Continuing Pierre’s relationship with the Philadelphia radio audience, into 2024 and years beyond… is a gift for all this Christmas season and beyond,” said WMMR Program Director and Beasley Media Group Vice President of Talent Development, Bill Weston. “That fans and co-workers get to continue their friendship with the man who shares his beautiful voice and spirit on the radio every day- is the best present ever!”

“This is a very cool moment for me knowing I’ll be continuing this radio adventure on ‘MMR,” said Pierre. “Many thanks to Joe Bell, Bill Weston, and my amazing agent, Steve Mountain from Cornerstone Management for bringing this all together. To paraphrase the Grateful Dead: What a long, strange, and wonderful trip it’s been…and still is!”

PHOTO CREDIT: Brian Miller/Chorus Photography