LFGroup.gg and CheckpointXP Partner to Improve College Search Experience

College esports search and recruitment platform, Looking For Group (LFGroup.gg) and national esports and video game content brand, CheckpointXP, have announced a new partnership to provide ongoing coverage of college esports programs at colleges and universities across the country.

Under the new partnership, LFGroup.gg and CheckpointXP will work together to profile individual schools, leagues & conferences, and other endemic organizations, improving access to the college ecosystem by providing visibility and resources to interested students, parents, and other stakeholders.

“For college esports programs across the country, gaining meaningful visibility is incredibly important. CheckpointXP, through their weekly podcast and show, CheckpointXP On Campus (created for and by students), has shown a massive commitment to the college esports community,” said Alex McNeil, President of Looking For Group (LFGroup.gg). “We look forward to working together to help schools listed on our platform get in front of the right audiences, especially students and parents currently navigating the college search process.”

“At CheckpointXP, we are committed to shining an important spotlight on collegiate esports,” said Leslie Fitzsimmons, Director of Sales and Marketing for CheckpointXP. “Since the initial launch of the CheckpointXP On Campus in the Fall of 2019, we’ve seen an exponential increase in schools providing opportunities for learning, offering scholarships, and hosting competitions in the esports sector. LFGroup.gg is the perfect partner to help us take our mission to the next level.”

About: Looking For Group

Looking for Group (LFGroup.gg) is a platform established to centralize information about every collegiate esports program, enabling students to search for programs and inform their college choices. The purpose of LFG is to help students find communities of like-minded gamers while engaging in meaningful work as students and learners. LFG also hosts news about college esports programs and seeks to aggregate some of the best resources for parents, students, and coaches. Our goal is to support students in discovering colleges and universities that offer the best fit for them on their journey through scholastic esports. To learn more about the platform, please visit: https://lfgroup.gg/

About: CheckpointXP

CheckpointXP (Checkpointxp.com) is the multimedia video game and esports content arm of Beasley Esports, the esports division of Beasley Media Group, a multiplatform media company providing advertising and digital marketing solutions across the United States. The company owns 64 radio properties located in large and medium markets across the country, as well as offers capabilities in audio technology, esports, podcasting, ecommerce and events. BMG’s platforms reach more than 20 million consumers on a weekly basis. CheckpointXP is home to the only and official show of college esports, CheckpointXP On Campus.  The show airs on YouTube, Twitch, most podcast platforms, and on radio.com, with 35M monthly users. 

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