LAS VEGAS, NV (April 9, 2019) – In 2018, fatal crashes in Nevada reached extreme heights, exceeding 330 fatalities from automobile-related accidents, a 10-year high. As a solution to help combat these rising numbers,ConnectedTravel® today announced the expansion of its HyperDrive® Rewards mobile app to Las Vegas, Nevada.  HyperDrive® Rewards is a free app available via smartphone that gamifies everyday driving challenges, helps users to improve their driving habits on the road, and offers them points and rewards for success.  The app, available to download on the Apple App Storeand Google Play Storewill alert Las Vegas drivers when and where they speed, how often they use their phone, how they accelerate, how they brake, and how much time they spend on the road and in traffic. The multi-city rewards can be redeemed for cash and gift cards from over 50 local and online retail partners.   

After downloading HyperDrive® Rewards to their phones, Las Vegas residents may start earning cash and points by completing various challenges.  These challenges include rewards for driving the speed limit, no phone handling, limiting rapid acceleration, refraining from hard braking, and driving on off-peak hours.  The application runs with location services in the background of the user’s mobile device and is voice-controlled for safety and ease of use.  The application is developed to encourage and reward users for safer driving habits, a critical step in making Las Vegas roads a safer place. 

HyperDrive® Rewards has already been tested in multiple US cities, and has successfully proven that it can sustainably reduce driver speeding and phone handling by over 40 percent.

Beasley Media Group, owner and operator of five of Nevada’s premiere radio stations including KCYE 102.7, KKLZ 96.3, KOAS 105.7, KVGS 107.9, and KDWN 720, will promote the HyperDrive® Rewards mobile app to its listeners and help bring these rewards to local users.

Drivers can earn additional points for completing in-app surveys, visiting websites and retailers, watching videos, and playing the in-app games.  Every participating driver can redeem the points they earned for gift cards at retailers like Dominos, AMC Theaters, CVS, Petco, Panera, Jiffy Lube, Best Buy, and Home Depot. Every driver also has a chance to compete with other drivers to win weekly cash prizes of $1,000.00 and Gas Cards valued at $150.00.

Recent data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) was analyzed to see which states were home to the worst drivers in America, with the state of Nevada ranking in the top 10 in the nation for bad drivers.  The NHTSA and traffic safety experts expressed concern about the specific distracted behaviors that largely attributed to classifying these bad drivers in Nevada. Trends, such as using a cellphone while driving, increased greatly during 2016 and are extremely difficult for police to identify and enforce.

ConnectedTravel’s HyperDrive® Rewards will continue expanding to new cities across the U.S. each month. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2017 alone, there were 31,133 vehicle fatalities across the entire United States.

“The number of accidents across the United States is increasing daily, and we need to be more proactive than ever at coming up with and creating  new,  innovative solutions to help address the problem,” said Bryan Biniak, CEO of ConnectedTravel®. “We’ve already been able to prove that HyperDrive® Rewards is a sustainable, fun way to make driving safer and that it’s working. Tests in other markets have shown a steady decrease in behaviors such as phone handling and speeding. We are optimistic that opening up our HyperDrive® Rewards services to new cities around the country will help them reduce accidents on the road and save lives.”

HyperDrive® Rewards is currently available to download via mobile device on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About ConnectedTravel

Founded in 2016, ConnectedTravel® has developed a comprehensive cloud-based platform services that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), data fusion, behavior science and gamification technology to capture, understand, and drive consumers day-to-day mobile activities. ConnectedTravel® has developed, owns and operates a driver and passenger location-based application services platform and business that serves the automotive ecosystem on a SaaS basis. The platform provides data driven infotainment applications and APIs, real-time behavioral management and analytics tools, as well as geotargeted advertising and attribution services. For more information, visit www.connectedtravel.com.

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