Email & Omni Marketing

Targeted Email

Our targeting program abandons broadscale quantity bombardment techniques in favor of focusing on the specific consumer segments most important to you. Our Outreach mailing lists deliver a deeper dive into both Demographics and Behavior/Intent so that your message is not wasted on unqualified leads. We are also able to scrub your current mailing list so that we are not sending New Customer messaging to your existing database. Email marketing is widely used as an efficient and cost-effective method for new customer acquisition, building brand awareness, and increasing product sales, as well as fostering trust and loyalty with a company’s customer base.

  • 10% open rate guaranteed.
  • 200 million active email addresses.
  • Ads reach people on all devices.
  • Campaign reporting of clicks, opens, and the most clicked-on areas of the email.
  • Demographic/Behavior based targeting
omni display

Beasley’s Omni Display is the real game changer for Targeted Email campaigns. Omni delivers dynamic display ads to the same people you are emailing, ramping up your message even more. Omni Display can be simultaneous with your emailing, employing a retargeting tactic to hit a week later, or both. Omni Channel Display Ads are served to people within our database, when we have their IP address, Mobile Device ID and Social Handles. Ads are served based on the consumer’s online behavior through desktop display ads, mobile display ads, Facebook newsfeed display ads, and Instagram display ads.

  • Dynamic display ads delivered in synch with email campaigns for increased performance in conversions.
  • Ads are served over 2 weeks whether someone opens an email or not.
  • Retargeting tactic helps convert consumers interested in your business.
Targeted Email

Our Beasley Email Programs include in-depth detail in every report on both mailing and Omni display. Quantify those users who take immediate action by clicking on your ad to get more information. Our campaigns consistently outperform the national CTR average of .08% and can break down delivery by ad size, website/app, date, and more. 

These analytics offer a deeper dive into ad response, with the ability to show how many users visited your website after viewing your ad, whether they clicked it or not. We can even quantify the number of users who have physically visited your place(s) of business after viewing your ad through foot traffic attribution.