They are often the unsung heroes of a radio station, but they truly are the backbone of broadcasting.

They are our Broadcast Engineering and IT/Systems teams.

The recent hurricanes in Texas, the Caribbean and Florida remind us of the important role these talented men and women play in providing our communities with entertainment, education and lifesaving information in times of need.




This fact is not lost on the Beasley Media Group, Inc. stations located in Fort Myers, Tampa and Boca Raton and our corporate team based in Naples, Florida.

We own a much gratitude to our teams, led by VP of Engineering / CTO Mike Cooney.

As news of Hurricane Irma made it clear that our stations and corporate offices would be in her path, Mike and his team jumped into action.  They worked to secure servers, transmitters and studios in preparation for Mother Nature’s unyielding wind and rain.




When Irma made land fall and headed north through Florida, our team Engineering and IT/Systems was ready.  When the high winds subsided and waters began to retreat, our teams quickly assigned damage, prioritized response and sprang into action.

They headed out to transmitter sites, wading through water logged roads to get stations back on the air, they fired up chainsaws to remove trees from roads and exhaust systems and they restored servers to assure that stations and the corporate offices could get back on line and begin to get back to business.

Remember, that all of this work was being done while many of them are also dealing with lack of power, gasoline and sleep.

Those who played a part in getting our stations back on air and online quickly so that we could get vital information out to our communities included:

  • Lamar Smith/Regional Engineering & Corp Projects Manager
  • Nick Pinto/ VP – Information Technology
  • Ron Randall/Corporate Network Manager
  • Don Mansfield/Engineer in Boca Raton
  • Charlie McCoy/Chief Engineer in Augusta




We are couldn’t be prouder of our Broadcast Engineering and IT/Systems teams whose dedication to serving their communities proves they are #BeasleyBest.

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