Beasley Media Group Unveils Q1 2018 President’s Club Winners

Beasley Media Group is pleased to announce the Q1 2018 President’s Club Winners.

These talented Account Managers were chosen based on several elements including achieving their budget goals, an embodiment of Beasley Media Group core values and their impact on our local market’s success.

We greatly appreciate all of their effort and hard work and they rank amongst Beasley’s Best.

  • BMG Boston:   Paul Sullivan
  • BMG Ft. Myers:   Erika Londono
  • BMG Charlotte:  Gia Mateen
  • BMG Detroit:   Bill St. Laurent
  • BMG Morristown:   Ellen Anapolle-Paola
  • BMG Middlesex-Somerset-Union:   Frank Migliorino
  • BMG Las Vegas:   Brian Black
  • BMG Wilmington:   Brandi Tigani
  • BMG Monmouth-Ocean:   Andrea Angioletti
  • BMG Augusta: Brad Siverhus
  • BMG Philadelphia: Tatiana Tabile
  • BMG Fayetteville:   Janet Patterson
  • BMG Tampa:   Marc Zallis

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