Beasley Media Group and UNLV Unveil the Media Innovation Hackathon

Naples, Florida—Sep. 26, 2018: As part of Beasley Media Group’s ongoing commitment to innovation, the company is collaborating with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to offer students the opportunity to innovate in the media space through a semester-long hackathon, the Media Innovation Hackathon.

The focus of the hackathon is the generation of commercially viable products and services that utilize existing media technology, data, and infrastructure as well as the ideation of cutting-edge, transformative, and disruptive technologies that will become mainstream in the next 20 years.

Areas of exploration include but are not limited to:

a.       Media and smart cities.

b.       Alternative uses for AM and FM frequencies.

c.       Media innovations of the future.

“The rapid pace of change provides us with a unique opportunity to not only find solutions to today and tomorrow’s disrupters, but also create our own new disruptions,” said Beasley Media Group Chief Executive Officer Caroline Beasley. “As a company, we are excited to lead the charge and look forward to collaborating with UNLV students to help us uncover and embrace new transformative ideas for the future.”

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas is an innovation leader in the areas of urban design, renewable energy, sustainability, and more. UNLV students interested in participating in the hackathon will submit an initial application identifying their team and providing a brief description of their innovative idea. Up to 10 teams will be selected for the final hackathon.

“UNLV strives to build the types of relationships that will enrich our students’ educational experience and drive innovation and economic diversification for our partners and our region, and our new partnership with Beasley Media Group is that type of partnership,” said Zach Miles, UNLV’s associate vice president of economic development. “This is a tremendous opportunity for the entrepreneurial students of UNLV to work with a recognized media leader and develop solutions that reach well beyond the walls of our university.”

An awards ceremony will be held the second week of December, during which the top three teams will receive cash awards. Awardees will be featured at UNLV’s booth with Beasley Media Group at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2019.

“It is an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to work with the outstanding team at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on this exciting innovative initiative that underscores our core values as a company,” said Buzz Knight, executive vice president of strategy and innovation. “We look forward to the unveiling the results at CES 2019.”



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