A new era of sports competition and media entertainment has shaken up the world as Gen Y & Z continue to flex their growing influence on media. With the next generation’s obsession with global esports, video gaming and shifting preferences on pop-culture entertainment—not too mention the highly-engaging social media platforms that are helping to propel it all forward, we are engaging with a new generation of consumers whose priorities around content and how they spend their time and money vary radically from previous generations before them. 

Enter Beasley Esports! 

Our next-gen-focused division, Beasley Esports launched in September 2018 in an effort to grow Beasley Media Group’s audiences and connections with media’s youngest consumers. With that, we extended our media expertise into the world of Gen Y & Z, targeting millions of young people fixated on professional esports games, leagues and teams that now dominate the global landscape. This generation continues to prioritize video games as their #1 form of entertainment, competition and social networking, logging more hours on media platforms that are defining their generation— from Twitch and YouTube to X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Threads, Discord and now Kick. Beasley Esports has seeded our company into the globally-dominant ecosystem of esports, video gaming and the influencer community in an effort to entertain and monetize media with this highly-elusive next generation of consumers. We have our finger-on-the-pulse of what’s happening in real time and roster pro talent, which ranges from some of esports’ most famous elite-level players to our increasingly popular content collective, bridging these two intrinsically linked worlds, turning it all into a high-profile media operation.

Meet the Houston Outlaws—our professional Overwatch League Team

We acquired one of 20 teams comprising Activision-Blizzard’s Professional Overwatch League back in November 2019 and our growth trajectory has been nothing short of amazing.  Having finished the 2020 season with a dismal #18 worldwide ranking,  we improved our ranking to #8 in 2021, #3 in the world in 2022 and are currently ranked #3 in the world as we head into the Playoffs for the 2023 season.

The Houston Outlaws continue to be one of the most popular teams in all of esports.  This year, we boast a gold-standard roster comprised of (5) South Korean Players, (3) Coaches and a GM. The 2023 Season runs from April thru October 2, 2023 when the players return home to Korea.  Video, Social Media Content and events are distributed and promoted on all social media channels: YouTube, Twitch, Discord, X (formerly Twitter), IG, Facebook and Threads. Our opportunities for sponsors include Team Sponsorship, visibility in the Overwatch Broadcasts on YouTube, in-person and virtual events, video content, social media and extensive brand integrations.

Meet Team AXLE —our North American Rocket League Championship Series Team! 

Given Rocket League’s incredibly popular game with over 91million registered players, we felt the game, with its younger audience and soccer-styled game in three rocket-powered cars would propel our division to the next level. We entered the North American Rocket League scene in Summer 2021 conducting “THE SEARCH” to find and sign our first professional Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Team. We ended our first season (October 2021-May 2022) with a #17 ranking in North America and improved our standing in the October 2022-May 2023 Season with a #15 finish, facing even stiffer competition as the game increased in popularity, competing against the top teams in the league. Our opportunities for sponsors include Team Sponsorships, live streamed broadcasts, brand integrations, in-person and virtual events, video content creation and distribution, and extensive social media on virtually every channel.

Juggernaut HTX Entertainment Content Creator Collective—our newest brand! 

In March 2023 Beasley Esports expanded by launching Juggernaut—our brand of content creators that celebrate gaming and pop-culture. We now boast a team of charisma-infused gamers that serve as entertainers—driven to entertain and influence all things GenZ and cool. Media assets range from scripted and improv video content, in-person and virtual appearances, live streams and social media campaigns designed to influence. Video and Social Media Content is distributed on all social media channels weekly, including: YouTube, Twitch, Discord, X (formerly Twitter), IG, Facebook, Threads.

Outlaws Gaming Network

Given Beasley Esports’ position as a Tier #1 organization in the esports, gaming and digital space, the Outlaws Gaming Network (OGN) now provides access to millions of highly-engaged audience, gamers with diverse demographics throughout the globe.  Our unique offering enables brands interested in targeting this demo with creative digital assets that can seamlessly integrate their products or services into gaming culture, resulting in visibility, connections, endorsements and ROI with this in-demand next-gen ecosystem.



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