Keyword Search Retargeting

Keyword Search Retargeting


Before consumers buy or even search for where to buy, the majority of users will do online research to determine the best product or service that fits their needs. Search retargeting gives advertisers the ability to target potential customers with display ads based on the searches they perform across the web. We are able to capture over 13 billion searches per month from over 300 million users.


Reach consumers still searching for the right product or service. Based on the keywords of users’ searches, we show your ad to those who are looking for topics relevant to your products and services, effectively capturing their attention early on in the buying cycle and increasing client online conversions. In contrast to Google SEM, impressions are guaranteed at a specific rate and consumers continue to be served your ad outside of Google while they’re browsing the rest of the web.

How Search Retargeting Works:

  • A user performs a search. Beasley collects data associated with the search.
  • Beasley shows the user an ad based on the keywords searched.
  • The user clicks on the ad and converts.