Format: Adult Hits

96.5 BOB-FM is the craziest mix of music you’ll hear anywhere! While other stations are spinning the same few songs over & over & over, BOB-FM is busy playing ANYTHING all the time! What’s ANYTHING? Katy Perry – Michael Jackson – Aerosmith –Bruno Marz – Madonna – Billy Joel – Black Eyed Peas – Rolling Stones & Donna Summer – just to name a few. Mix in BOB’s unique observations on music, pop news, and the local landscape, and 96.5 BOB-FM becomes an uncommon station with mass appeal! BOB is specifically programmed for 25-54 year-olds in the greater Fayetteville area – who have the strongest buying power and the most local influence! In addition to playing ANYTHING, 96.5 BOB-FM pops up ANYWEHRE! You’ll find the BOB SQUAD delivering coffee, donuts, lunch, and good times in offices and workplaces near and far. And, BOB is always on the lookout for the doers of good deeds – bestowing his Random Acts of Kindness Award to deserving individuals who care for their neighbors and community. Simply put — 96.5 BOB-FM is different than all the other stations…and BOB likes it that way!

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Contact Us

508 Person Street
Fayetteville, North Carolina 28301

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