Format: Variety Music

93-9 Bob FM is Augusta’s only radio station that plays anything….Really, Anything. Pop, Rock, Dance Disco, Funk, Metal, Country, and every now then maybe a little polka! There are many things that make 93-9 Bob FM Augusta’s most unique radio station.

93-9 Bob FM is the only station with the All Music Workday. Week day mornings at 9 we kick off more than 3 hours of commercial free music for the workday. The All music work days starts at 9am and ends around 12:30!

93-9 Bob FM is the only station in Augusta that has no DJ’s. It’s all music all the time!

The biggest thing that makes 93-9 Bob FM Augusta’s most unique radio station is that you just never know what you are going to hear next. You can hear a Van Halen song into Patsy Cline Into The Doobie Brothers into Pink. It’s really the Variety station in Augusta!

Our target audience is Adults 25 to 54 years of age The average 93-9 Bob Listeners is very web savvy and the internet and social media play a big part in their day to day life at work and at home

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Contact Us

4051 Jimmie Dyess Parkway
Augusta, Georgia 30909


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