Steve Hoffman Named Program Director At KVGS-FM & APD at KOAS-FM in Las Vegas

Steve Hoffman has been named as the Program Director at KVGS-FM and APD at KOAS-FM in Las Vegas. He officially began his dual roles on Monday, October 14, 2019.

Hoffman most recently served as a programming consultant for the past three years. Previously, he worked on the air at KSWD-FM in Los Angeles for 5 years following a 15 year run as the program director at KCAL-FM in Riverside, California and three years as the PD at Radio Vision in Las Vegas.

\”We have been interested in bringing Steve into the fold for quite some time,” said Beasley Media Group Vice President and Market Manager Peter Burton. “I had the pleasure of working with him in Los Angeles for five years. Hiring Steve allows us to continue to surround ourselves with the best in the industry.”

\”I am absolutely ecstatic to join a company that I have always held in the highest regard in a market that I love and have worked in before,” said Hoffman. This is quite a team that we are assembling here in Vegas and I\’m very honored to be a part of it!\”

Hoffman is a graduate of UCLA and holds two law degrees.


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