Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi: How I Wrote That Song

\”Tequila Little Time\” is a great song, and it makes a great drink name – but you’ll never guess what Jon Pardi said he’d add to it. Andie Summers caught him he was working on his farm – but make no mistake about it – he was prepared for our conversation. Jon’s house wifi is really spotty (I know this from previously attempted interviews with him) so he set up an Adirondack chair in the middle of a field, and away we went.

While talking to us (and working on his farm), Jon had his hands full prepping to launch his Mr. Saturday Night tour. He had just come out of the studio where he was recording a Christmas album that he says won’t be the usual “boring” Christmas songs. Instead, Jon says it’ll be more like “Christmas with a drink.” And it was just days before his first baby was born (Presley Fawn was born February 18, 2023).

Jon Pardi’s music is country to the core. The way his voice blends with a steel guitar brings the quintessential classic “country” sound into the 2020s. That sound is apparent in his first number one song, 2015\’s \”Head Over Boots.\” 2019’s \”Heartache Medication\” was a song that he became really animated about in our conversation.  (which he becomes really animated about in our conversation), and the song that sounds like it belongs on a Happy Hour menu: Tequila Little Time (2021). Get the scoop on these songs and more in How I Wrote That Song. Watch the interview below.

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