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An Educated Client Is A More Valuable Client

(By Bob McCurdy) I was speaking last week with a client whom I had not previously met, and right after the introduction pleasantries, her first question was, “OK, so tell me something I don’t know.” We ended up having a productive conversation and I believe, at the...

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Sell Like A Champion

(By Bob McCurdy) This week’s blog is not about the latest radio stats, Scarborough qualitative, reach/frequency, or any of the usual stuff. It is about the drive and determination required to become a world-class performer. Each week I forward my blogs to an...

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Do You Have A Great Story To Tell?

(By Bob McCurdy) I recently read a podcasting article that quoted someone as saying, “Good storytelling will always be heard.” It got me thinking about our role as storytellers in promoting our medium and positioning our media assets. We often talk to clients about...

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In this episode of the “Healthy Paranoia” podcast, Beasley Media Group Vice President of Programming Buzz Knight talks with Andreas Mai, EVP, Market Development & Innovation at Keolis North America. Andreas is an industry expert in business and technology...

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Episode Three – Automobiles: The New Data Collector

This episode of Healthy Paranoia has Beasley Media Group’s VP of Programming Buzz Knight speaking with John Ellis, global technology expert and author of, “The Zero Dollar Car – How The Revolution In Big Data Will Change Your Life.” The discussion centers on the data...

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