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CES Report: Alexa, Vehicles And Poaching

(By Buzz Knight) Every year at CES we evaluate how technology integrates in our world and how it has the potential to change our lives. Last year we observed the growth curve of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on making products better and more efficient. Voice...

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Hear! Hear! That’s Really All It Takes

(By Bob McCurdy) It’s the spoken word, not love that makes the world go round, as we largely communicate in words and not expressions of deep affection, and certainly not pictures. Flash cards are rarely used to order a hamburger. And don’t believe that children’s...

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Jonas Jerebko – A Passion For Basketball & Esports

In this episode of the Beyond The Business podcast, Beasley Media Group CEO, Caroline Beasley speaks with Pro Basketball Player and Detroit Renegades Esports Team Owner and President Jonas Jerebko. Caroline and Jonas discuss a variety of informative topics centered...

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Gary Shapiro, President/CEO of CTA talks Ninja Future

In this episode of the “Healthy Paranoia” podcast, Beasley Media Group Executive Vice President of Strategy & Innovation, Buzz Knight, speaks with Gary Shapiro, President/CEO Consumer Technology Association They talk about Gary’s love of science fiction, companies...

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