Insight On The Media Landscape


The Value Of The Spoken Word

The spoken word. The most intimate of ways to communicate. Few things can generate more emotion or immediate action. It’s said that King Solomon remarked, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” In 2018, we’d modify this a bit and apply it to advertising,...

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Does “Reach Velocity” Matter?

(By Bob McCurdy) We all know about radio’s great reach story but does the rate at which that “reach” builds, often referred to as “reach velocity,” matter? To many advertisers it does. Particularly those that are touting time-sensitive events or marketing fast-moving...

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Talk About Bias!

(By Bob McCurdy)  I read an article recently written by Faris Yakob, a smart guy who writes some really thoughtful advertising-centric pieces. The article focused on human decision-making and how many of our decisions are fraught with unrecognized biases which often...

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Episode Three – Automobiles: The New Data Collector

This episode of Healthy Paranoia has Beasley Media Group’s VP of Programming Buzz Knight speaking with John Ellis, global technology expert and author of, “The Zero Dollar Car – How The Revolution In Big Data Will Change Your Life.” The discussion centers on the data...

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Episode Two – Technology & Storytelling

In this episode, Buzz talks with Peter D. Csathy, author of “Media 2.0(18): An Insider's Guide to Today's World of Digital Media & Where It's Going.”  They discuss how technology has transformed storytelling and how that impacts radio personalities and the broadcast...

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Episode One – Autonomous Driving In Las Vegas

Autonomous driving is in the headlines every day and was the talk of CES this year.  In this episode, Buzz  learns  more about an exciting Autonomous driving pilot project that is happening and launched right now in Las Vegas, NV.  Joining Buzz on the podcast are...

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