Insight On The Media Landscape

Don’t Annoy The Hell Out Of People!

(By Bob McCurdy) There was an interesting article last week titled “P&G’s Pritchard: Seize Back Control of Data, Reinvent Marketing and Stop ‘Annoying the Hell Out of People,'” that touched on a subject we’ve previously addressed: the impact of heavy and light users...

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Good Selling Is Never Wasted

(By Bob McCurdy) This past week I engaged a local advertiser on the phone who’s been struggling. She said she had previously tried some print advertising but found it ineffective. After having her discuss her business and challenges, I touched on a few marketing...

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Make Your Clients More Receptive

(By Bob McCurdy) One of the definitions of the word “receptive” is “being willing or inclined to receive suggestions, offers, etc., with favor.”  A receptive, actively engaged client, not one who passively indulges, is considerably more likely to act upon your...

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Bad Targeting Leaves Money On The Table

(By Bob McCurdy)  The first step toward creating an effective media campaign is determining who should be targeted with the messaging. Get this wrong and the odds of succeeding drop dramatically.  More often than not, when it comes to selling high-end automobiles, the...

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The Value Of The Spoken Word

The spoken word. The most intimate of ways to communicate. Few things can generate more emotion or immediate action. It’s said that King Solomon remarked, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” In 2018, we’d modify this a bit and apply it to advertising,...

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Does “Reach Velocity” Matter?

(By Bob McCurdy) We all know about radio’s great reach story but does the rate at which that “reach” builds, often referred to as “reach velocity,” matter? To many advertisers it does. Particularly those that are touting time-sensitive events or marketing fast-moving...

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