Insight On The Media Landscape

Do You Have A Great Story To Tell?

(By Bob McCurdy) I recently read a podcasting article that quoted someone as saying, “Good storytelling will always be heard.” It got me thinking about our role as storytellers in promoting our medium and positioning our media assets. We often talk to clients about...

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Preparing That Campaign Launch

(By Bob McCurdy) Last week an agency working on a media plan for a theme park contacted me looking to access Nielsen’s channel planning tool, Commspoint, which lead to me spending 90 minutes on a video conference call with their head planner. The benefits of these...

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The Power Of Frequency In Advertising

(By Bob McCurdy)   To some the following might come off as heresy.  Let’s peel back the onion on an ad metric that flows off our tongues daily. It’s an important metric in our industry as it guides commercial scheduling, as well as the way we position our medium to...

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Stats Show Radio Should Be In Any “Media Mix”

(By Bob McCurdy) As a manager, it is important to search for different ways to make the same point to a sales staff so that they don’t begin to tune out your message. The same holds true for a salesperson who is attempting to communicate a critical point to a client....

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Radio & TV Advertising Contrasted

(By Bob McCurdy) Recently, I touched upon the concept of annoying people by over-exposing them to the same commercials and the negative impact it can have on an ad campaign. I highlighted that TV, as is true of every medium, has its heavy and light viewers and how the...

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Don’t Annoy The Hell Out Of People!

(By Bob McCurdy) There was an interesting article last week titled “P&G’s Pritchard: Seize Back Control of Data, Reinvent Marketing and Stop ‘Annoying the Hell Out of People,'” that touched on a subject we’ve previously addressed: the impact of heavy and light users...

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