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The Value Of The Spoken Word

The spoken word. The most intimate of ways to communicate. Few things can generate more emotion or immediate action. It’s said that King Solomon remarked, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” In 2018, we’d modify this a bit and apply it to advertising,...

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Does “Reach Velocity” Matter?

(By Bob McCurdy) We all know about radio’s great reach story but does the rate at which that “reach” builds, often referred to as “reach velocity,” matter? To many advertisers it does. Particularly those that are touting time-sensitive events or marketing fast-moving...

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Talk About Bias!

(By Bob McCurdy)  I read an article recently written by Faris Yakob, a smart guy who writes some really thoughtful advertising-centric pieces. The article focused on human decision-making and how many of our decisions are fraught with unrecognized biases which often...

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Do Your Sellers Have The Competitive Advantage?

(By Bob McCurdy) Competitive advantage is becoming increasingly difficult, not only to achieve but to maintain. This is true in any business, as the time required to neutralize a competitors’ technological breakthroughs, product enhancements, or tactical adjustments...

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The Dicey World Of Digital Metrics

“What’s going on here?” Those were the words my three-year-old granddaughter uttered every time waves knocked down the sandcastles we were building on the beach last week. She was giggling wildly every time she said it. As I write this, I too must ask, “What’s going...

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The Fragility Of Brand Loyalty

(By Buzz Knight) Brand loyalty is a very delicate thing and should not be taken for granted. This relates to every business when you consider customer service, user experience, and the general quality of the work. Everything matters, and impressions can be changed or...

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