What’s Your Purpose?

(By Bob McCurdy) There’s been a lot written recently about “brand purpose.” The need for a brand or business to exist beyond just selling things and boosting a stock price. (more…)

“So What?”

(By Bob McCurdy) It had been a while since I’d heard the line, “So what and why should I care?” but it resonated as much earlier this week as when I first heard it. A successful agency owner referenced it while discussing the art of writing effective copy. (more…)

Some Things Are Obvious, Obviously

(By Bob McCurdy) A good friend, Don Jacobs, who oversees Townsquare’s Sioux Falls cluster, recommended a book titled Obvious Adams, written about an ad man who continually gets promoted by acting on “the obvious.” It is available on Amazon for $6.95. (more…)

Radio Recommended!

(By Bob McCurdy) I’ve always found that the best way to make a sales point is to have someone else make it for you. Supporting information or an endorsement that comes from independent, well-informed sources are typically more readily accepted as fact. (more…)

CES 2018: It’s A Wrap!

(By Buzz Knight) Every year as I wing my way back from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it is a tremendous challenge to answer the question “What was the ‘Eureka’ moment at the show and how will it impact our business and our lives?” (more…)

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