Discover If Your Radio Advertising Works!

Join Beasley Analytics for A Free 30-Minute Webinar…There Are Four Times To Choose From

It is possible to measure the response to your radio advertising campaign. Join us for an informative half-hour to learn how your radio campaign is affecting your website traffic and how you can leverage the findings of Beasley Analytics to improve the results!

This 30-minute webinar will be hosted live by Beasley Media Group’s Director of Analytics, Ryan Beasley, and will also include a tutorial of a Beasley Analytics report by Rick Kestenbaum.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • If your current commercial is creating an immediate reaction from radio listeners
  • If your current radio schedule is driving increased traffic to your website
  • What times of day, day of the week, and radio stations are driving the highest volume of response from listeners
  • How to utilize your campaign analytics to continuously improve the effectiveness of your radio advertising

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