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Format: Classic Soul & Beach

Before recording studios became regimented and radio stations so corporate there was a different sound. It was pure and soulful. You could hear the lyrics and feel the emotion. The music had rhythm…. rhythm that made you move and want to dance. Where was THAT music? Had someone locked it up and put it away and decided it wasn’t safe for the soul? Not safe for the soul? Who are they kidding, it unleashes the soul! And with that…we were on a mission. A mission to bring Southern Soul and Old Skool back to the radio…to find and play the songs that ignite the soul! We’re Beach Boogie and Blues featuring classic soul from the late 50’s through 70’s sprinkled with Carolina Beach Music. Oh we dared ….…..Southern Soul and Old Skool are back baby!

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2929 Radio Station Road
Greenville, North Carolina 27834


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