Our Industry

Radio is live, local, mobile, personal, social and interactive. It’s a mass medium delivering audio and visual content to passionate and loyal listeners across multiple platforms. 244 Million persons aged 12+ tune in to Radio every week. That’s 92% of Americans 12+. 86% of drivers cite Radio as their primary in-car entertainment device. And it is the medium that reaches them closest to the time of purchase.

Technology and new media are expanding Radio’s delivery platforms. Today’s Radio can also be accessed online, on smartphones and tablets – via streams and apps. As a result, consumers now enjoy a vibrant, interactive, engaging and highly communicative radio product. 124 Million persons aged 12+ have listened to online radio in the past month (AM/FM streams or internet only streams).

Listeners now take their audio on the go. On-demand content delivering sports, music, information and entertainment downloads whenever and wherever the listener wants it. 66% of Smartphone users listen to online radio every week. 55% of listeners said they listen to their favorite personalities on computers or mobile devices when away from a radio.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow listeners to publish audio, receive song and station event updates. This is expanding the listener and station relationship so much so that 70% of people with favorite Radio personalities follow them.

America’s youth are big Radio fans, even as they lead the way in experimenting with new media. Nine out of ten 12-24 year-olds tune in to Radio every week. In fact, Radio reaches 89.8% of all persons age 12-24 each week and they listen 10 1/4 hours per week. Radio is On Air. Online. On Target. Figures courtesy of the Radio Advertising Bureau; learn more about today’s radio at www.rab.com. Radio, it’s On.