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Mobile Advertising Fort Myers With smartphones in just about everyone’s hands, it’s never been more important than now to invest in mobile advertising. Fort Myers residents rely on their smartphones as much or more than a desktop computer for their screen time. In the U.S., 161 million adults use a smartphone each month according to Nielsen. Compare that to the 162 million adults using a desktop computer each month, and it’s apparent that smartphones are the norm.

The beauty of mobile advertising in Fort Myers is that it’s similar to radio with its ability to reach people in real time. A mobile ad can be served at the precise moment you want customers to take action. Alert customers to a flash sale or a promo code, and alert them when they’re in the right location, too. When you contact us, we’re sure we can find the right mobile advertising solution for you.

Mobile Advertising Options

Mobile ads don’t rely on browser activity the way desktop computer ads do. With smartphones we have several options:

  • Text messaging. Great for a basic text ad, send it as a text message so that it’s less likely to be ignored.
  • For mobile display ads, we can put up a digital fence around physical locations in Fort Myers to target customers in real time. Any time someone enters the fence and gets on their smartphone, your ad will appear, and it will continue to appear even after that person leaves the fence for up to a month. Put fences around your competitors so that your business becomes their ultimate destination.
  • Mobile App Advertising. Our radio stations all have mobile apps that allow listeners to stream music and get even more of the local content they know and love. We can share your ads on these station apps and micro-target your audience by specific demographics. Check out our app case studies for examples across a variety of industries.

We can also help you make sure your website is mobile-friendly so that it retains the same smooth, seamless experience on a phone as it does a desktop. Or, we have the ability to create microsites, which are landing pages created for specific promotions that live outside of your regular website. Microsites can also be created to be mobile-friendly.

More Mobile Advertising Possibilities

Many of our digital advertising and marketing services can be done in a mobile-first way.

With search engine marketing, we bid on popular search terms so that your ad is at the top of page one (you only pay if someone clicks on the ad, too). On top of those text ads, we can do call-only ads that go only to smartphones. That means someone who searches for one of your search terms on their smartphone, sees your ad, and then clicks it, will be given the option to place a phone call instead of going to your website.

We can also perform call tracking with search engine marketing ads so that when someone clicks on your ad to get to your website, the see a custom phone number. This way we know when someone placed a call. While call tracking can be done for desktop or mobile search engine marketing, it’s great for tracking smartphone activity since filling out forms can be less than desirable sometimes on a smaller screen.

Suggested Product Pairings

When harnessing the power of mobile advertising, Fort Myers businesses are best served by coupling it with a mix of services to leave no stone unturned.

  • Search engine optimization makes sure you’re ranking at the top of the search engine results page over time and for your most important keywords and phrases. We can create mobile-friendly landing pages for your keywords and make sure your entire website lends itself to search engines’ preferences.
  • Email marketing allows us to get in the inbox of potential customers as well as your existing customer base. With more than 200 million consumers available in our email marketing database, we can hyper-target potential customers based on recent internet behavior. Instead of hoping 35-year-old moms with multiple kids are interested in minivans, we know exactly which 35-year-old moms with kids already own or lease a minivan or have researched minivans online. We also guarantee an 8% open rate and 1% click through rate with every email campaign we create.
  • Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great opportunities to build brand awareness while delighting your customers with engaging content. We can write and post original content for you and deliver it at the right time. We can also serve your display ads in these channels, including the Facebook newsfeed and right hand rail.
  • With so many opportunities to be exposed to and interact with your business, we also specialize in reputation management. We can wrangle every opportunity customers have to talk about and review your business into one manageable place so you can respond to customers needs in a timely manner.

When in need of mobile advertising, Fort Myers businesses trust us to get them real results. Let us do the same for you! Contact us and let us know your mobile advertising needs and we’ll build a custom solution just for you.

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