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Digital Marketing FayettevilleBeasley Media Group is your live and local partner for the winning combination of both broadcast and digital marketing. Fayetteville businesses are able to not only reach more consumers than ever before, but see real results with our integrated solutions.

When you contact us, simply let us know you’re interested in the Fayetteville market with cross platform services. Be sure to check out our digital marketing portfolio with examples of our work and specifications, too.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Today’s consumer takes in a diverse range of media. Radio and TV still garner the most listeners and viewers a month, but Internet usage on smartphones, tablets and computers continues to surge: 240 million U.S. adults listen to radio in a month; 226 million watch TV; 161 million use smartphone apps and browsers; and 162 million are in front of a computer (source: Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q1 2016,

Beasley presents the perfect marriage of both broadcast and digital marketing. Fayetteville consumers get your message via the live and local radio programming they know and trust, but also while searching Google, reading their favorite blog, checking their email and using social media—whether they’re at home or on the go.

Broadcast Marketing

Our station personalities are experts at engaging audiences and driving action in real time and at the right time. Our stations are media brands your customers know and trust because they’re part of the community. Engaging hometown audiences for local businesses is what radio continues to do best, and our Fayetteville stations are no exception.

Digital Marketing Solutions

We couple our broadcast marketing with these essential digital marketing solutions to ensure we drive action on top of brand awareness and demand generation.

  • Display Advertising. Place banner ads on our station websites to reach Fayetteville’s 2.5 million radio listeners at all hours (source: Nielsen Radio Market Survey Population, Rankings and Information,
  • Search Engine Marketing. With a Google AdWords campaign, your business can achieve the No. 1 spot on Google in a matter of moments. Also called a pay-per-click (or PPC) campaign, AdWords only charges businesses when someone clicks on their listing instead of every time their listing appears in the search engine results. We also optimize your PPC campaign beyond clicks and go after conversions, the most valuable actions taken on your site. A conversion can be a purchase, a form fill or even viewing a video. No matter the goal, a PPC campaign goes after your most valuable consumers at all times.
  • Display Network Marketing.Nurture consumers through the decision-making process by displaying your banner ads on websites consumers frequently visit. Go after websites that are similar to yours in topic, or you can target websites based purely on their traffic. After your customers visit your website, ensure your business remains top-of-mind by showing your ad to them again with a retargeting display campaign.
  • Email Marketing. Send your email promotions to the inboxes of potential customers as well as your current customer base to drive action in real time—gone are the days of sending out direct snail mail. Simply give us the audience demographics you’d like to target and we’ll find your consumer from our consumer base of 200 million people.

Digital Marketing Microsites

Microsites are websites created independently from your company’s current website. It can be as small as a single page or consist of several pages. While it’s independent of your company’s website, the two can link to each other. Microsites are great for supporting promotional campaigns that need a branded landing page or pages. Let us create one for your next digital promotion.

In-Stream Video Advertising

Similar to a TV commercial, your video can appear before (pre-roll), during (mid-roll) or after (post-roll) an Internet video plays. Video ads can also appear as overlay ads, playing simultaneously with the main Internet video.

Mobile Marketing

  • Text Messaging. Alert consumers at the precise moment of your promotion with helpful info they need to take advantage, such as discount codes or promotion timelines.
  • Geofencing. Put up a digital fence around locations around Fayetteville so that when your consumers are within that fence, they see your ad on their smartphone. Fence your competitors, or fence popular places for your potential customers to make sure your business is always top of mind.
  • Mobile App Advertising. We can also serve your ads within mobile apps—no more need for an Internet browser.
  • Social Media. Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great places to build both demand and lead generation as well as brand trust and loyalty. We’re able to target social media users with specific demographics beyond the basics (age, income, gender), therefore targeting potential customers with the strongest intentions. Serve up paid ads in the Facebook newsfeed or right hand rail, or share relevant content like status updates and news articles to drive engagement—likes, shares, retweets and comments.
  • Ready to reach your customers with digital marketing in Fayetteville? Contact us so we can achieve your marketing goals together.

    About Beasley Media Group, Inc.

    Beasley radio stations serve 7.7 million listeners every week with an assortment of formats, featuring top on-air personalities and diverse programming that appeals to a wide range of audiences and demographic groups. With a live and local focus, we deliver music, news, information and entertainment to consumers through such genres as country, adult contemporary, sports, talk, top 40, urban, classic and alternative rock, oldies, gospel, foreign language and more. Nearly 41% of our stations are located in the nation’s top 50 markets such as Philadelphia, Fayetteville, Fayetteville, West Palm Beach, Fayetteville, Boston and Atlanta. We also serve regional epicenters like coastal North Carolina, northeast Georgia and southeast Florida with large station clusters. Founded by George G. Beasley in 1951, we’ve been based in Naples, FL since 1988 and are traded as BBGI on the NASDAQ national market.


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