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digital advertising Augusta

Beasley Media Group, Inc. is your live and local partner for digital advertising. Augusta business can reach our radio listeners not only through our live and local radio programming, but also when our listeners are searching Google, online shopping, checking Facebook and even their email. Contact us so we can help you with your digital advertising needs.

Why Digital Advertising

Beasley believes in coupling radio with digital advertising for a full spectrum solution. Our station personalities are experts at engaging Augusta’s 2.5 million listeners, and our stations are media brands your consumers trust because they’re part of the community.

In the age of Internet and smartphones, radio and TV no longer dominate the airwaves the way they once did. Broadcast media still gets the most eyes and ears each month on average (240 million U.S. adults for TV and 226 million radio listeners according to Nielsen), but 162 million are in front of a computer and 161 million are using a smartphone. Bottom line: digital advertising in Augusta is necessary for driving business.

Digital Advertising Services

Our digital advertising options represent a plethora of media and targeting options. We’re able to find potential customers with the highest likelihood of acting across search engines, social media, smartphone browsers and apps and email. Check out our numerous case studies that demonstrate our ability to deliver clear, measurable results that drove revenue.

  • Search Engine Optimization. More than 71% of consumers searching for something on Google will click a result that’s considered organic, meaning Google’s algorithm found it without anyone paying for it be on the page. And, 67% of those clicks are going to the first five results on the first page. We can get you there! Choose the search terms you want to rank for and we’ll optimize your website so that Google shows you on page one for that search term.
  • Search Engine Marketing. You can, of course, pay to be the No. 1 search result on Google with Google AdWords. AdWords only charges you when someone clicks on your ad, not every time your ad is seen. This means you’re only spending money on the right leads for your business. We can bid on the same search terms you might use for Search Engine Optimization, too. The results are immediate—the moment your Adwords campaign goes live, you’ll start seeing a boost in valuable site traffic.
  • Email Marketing. We can design an email newsletter for your business and blast it out to consumers who have opted in to our email database. No more do you have to rely on existing customers’ already-captured emails. You can target users in our database by demographic, behavior and geography. We guarantee 8% of recipients will open your email and a 1% click through rate.
  • Social Media. No time to manage all of your social media accounts? We can manage them for you! We’ll write and post original content and launch promotional posts, Facebook Live campaigns and more to increase followers of your brand.
  • Digital Display Ads. Not unlike traditional print display ads, digital display ads are shown next to non-advertising content. But unlike print advertising, digital display ads can target audiences by location, demographic or behavior. Show your ad to people actively searching for services like yours, people in your target demographic based on age, gender or income, or even behaviors like shopping habits. Your ads can also show to people who’ve been on your website before, nurturing them through the funnel.
  • Mobile App Ads. Pair your radio ads with digital advertising to Augusta listeners with our stations’ mobile apps. Engage with our listeners as they use our station apps to stream music or browse other content. You can sync your ad as your radio ads run live on air, offer contests or coupons, poll our listeners, collect leads, drive site traffic, get immediate phone calls and much more.
  • For mobile display ads, we can put up a digital fence around physical locations in Augusta to target customers in real time. Any time someone enters the fence and gets on their smartphone, your ad will appear, and it will continue to appear even after that person leaves the fence for up to a month. Put fences around your competitors so that your business becomes their ultimate destination.
  • Reputation Monitoring. Let us help you keep track of what people say about your business on review sites, blogs and social media. You’ll be able to manage and respond to comments, and even see how you compare to your competition.

Case Studies

See how your business can benefit from our services by reading our case studies. We’ve broken them out by industry so it’s easy to see how our services can work for restaurants, retailers, legal services, real estate and much more.

Ready to make the leap to digital advertising? Contact us with your business name and desired market, and we’ll create the right digital advertising plan for your business.

About Beasley Media Group, Inc.

Beasley radio stations serve 7.7 million listeners every week with an assortment of formats, featuring top on-air personalities and diverse programming that appeals to a wide range of audiences and demographic groups. With a live and local focus, we deliver music, news, information and entertainment to consumers through such genres as country, adult contemporary, sports, talk, top 40, urban, classic and alternative rock, oldies, gospel, foreign language and more. Nearly 41% of our stations are located in the nation’s top 50 markets such as Philadelphia, Augusta, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Charlotte, Boston and Atlanta. We also serve regional epicenters like coastal North Carolina, northeast Georgia and southeast Florida with large station clusters. Founded by George G. Beasley in 1941, we’ve been based in Naples, FL since 1988 and are traded as BBGI on the NASDAQ national market.


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