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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Company adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics applicable to all of its directors and employees. It provides general guidelines for conducting the business of the Company consistent with high standards of business ethics. This Code can be accessed by the link above and may also be obtained upon request from the Secretary of the Company. Any waiver of this Code for our directors, executive officers or other principal financial officers that relates to the SEC’s “code of ethics” definition will be disclosed to the public as required by law or NASDAQ rules.

Board of Directors Committee List

Compensation Committee
The Compensation Committee consists of Messrs. Cox, Fowler, and McCord each of whom is independent as the term independence is defined in Rule 4200(a)(15) of the NASDAQ rules. This Committee is responsible for establishing compensation policies for the Company’s executive officers, including the Chief Executive Officer. The responsibilities of the Compensation Committee also include administering and interpreting the 2000 Equity Plan of the Company.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee, established in accordance with Section 3(a)(58)(A) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Exchange Act”), consists of Messrs. Cox, Fowler and McCord, each of whom is independent as the term independence is defined in Rule 4200(a)(15) of the NASDAQ rules and Rule 10A-3 under the Exchange Act. The Board of Directors has determined that Mr. Cox is an Audit Committee financial expert as that term is defined in the Exchange Act. As set forth in its written charter, the Audit Committee’s primary responsibilities are to: (1) oversee the integrity of the Company's financial statements; (2) oversee the Company's compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of Nasdaq and the Exchange Act; (3) oversee the independent auditor's qualifications and independence; and (4) oversee the performance of the Company's independent auditor.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Beasley Broadcast Group regularly participates in a wide range of civic endeavors, helping raise millions of dollars for local charities, disaster relief drives and other awareness campaigns. Please visit our Community Service page to see a sampling of involvement.